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Lions Slaughter Owls

Lions Slaughter Owls

Your CCBC Dundalk Lions easily defeated the Prince George's Community College Owls 89-69.

Dana Strothers led the Lions with 26 points and he also had 10 rebounds. The second highest Lions scorer was Mohamed Bundu with 15. Bundu led the team in rebounds with 14. Tyshaun Walker and Christian Wright both had 14 points. Walker had 9 rebounds and Wright led the team in assists with 4.

The Lions started the game down 3-0 to the Owls but rallied to be up 21-8 with 12 minutes left in the first half. The Owls were not done yet because they tied the game back up at 31. CCBC finished the half strong to end with a 5 point lead up 41-36.

The Lions put away the second half being up double digits most of the way with the lead extending to 22 before finishing the game up 20, 89-69. This is the largest margin of victory for the lions on the season.


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